Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Recording Musician

The purpose of this web site will be to provide helpful information to the recording musician.  And by that I mean a musician who records their own work.  I'm thinking mainly of individuals who do the whole process of creating a song themselves, track-by-track.  However, the information presented here will be helpful to anyone with an interest in recording.

I will have tutorials, and videos, and as much information as time permits to add to the overall body of knowledge, so that we can all make better recordings.  We'll cover everything from mic placement to using plugins, and getting that final mix to sound "mastered".

I've learned a lot over the years, and it is my turn to share what I know with others.  And that means I'll learn more too because I know a lot of you already have a great deal of knowledge.  And as we share what we know, we all get better.

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And, please note the look and feel of this site may change over the next few weeks as I fine tune the sites appearance.

I look forward to a great experience.  Thanks!

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